ONE light.
ONE camera.
ONE lens.
ONE photographer.
ONE subject.
ONE image.
ONE: A celebration of individuality.

I began this project with the simple objective of giving back. I had experienced a very rough six months or so awhile back and due to the generosity and love of those surrounding me, I managed a complete turnaround. As a gesture of my gratitude, I wanted to put some positive energy back into the world by offering to take free portraits of anyone that wanted one. The only rule I established was that I get to choose the photo of the person who volunteered. Included along with my choice of photo would be a write up about the person as to what inspires me about them. 

The response to the photos and my write-ups was so positive that I couldn't stop myself from shooting more and more people - all types of people - all races - all ages - even strangers I had never met. And the more I shot, the more I realized that a message was evolving - a message about how we see one another online, how we judge from what little we know, and how we interact based on those judgements. And while we maintain a strict guideline over how we ourselves are presented, the strangers in our cyber worlds remain nothing more than a name and a photo in which we struggle in making a positive and fulfilled connection.

ONE is now my fight back – my attempt to humanize the strangers in our lives – so we can elevate the conversations, extinguish the rage, and celebrate the universality of our experience on this planet.