Jeff Galfer

After a serious bout with depression in early 2008, Jeff picked up a camera as a way to distract himself from himself. With no formal education in photography, Jeff spent the next decade shooting until he understood how to shoot and - more importantly - why to shoot. Along the way, Jeff’s anxiety wilted away and transformed into a deep love of photography.

Since 2008, Jeff’s portraits and fine art work have been featured in countless publications (most recently Los Angeles Magazine, Fortune) as well as displayed in various exhibitions in the Los Angeles area. His most recent exhibition Eye to Eye profiled how photography repaired and ultimately saved a broken relationship with his brother during the time in which they lost their father. That exhibition became one of the earliest and fastest funded projects in the primary days of Kickstarter.

Most recently, Jeff has become the premiere dog portrait photographer in Los Angeles. His dog portraits (known for their unique and soulful style) are documented almost daily at his alternate instagram The Pet Project Co - which you can visit and follow by clicking here.

When Jeff is not photographing, he runs an award winning production company Angry King Productions, where he produces digital content that he writes and acts in.

Jeff currently lives in Los Angeles with his fiancé Cody and their two dogs Scout and Kipper.