I began shooting clones as a challenge to myself. I loved the idea of marrying in-camera and post-processing techniques into something that was surreal and powerful and unique.

Over the years, my biggest issue with clone photography has been that most clone photos I see are hyper-realistic - drowning in an over indulgence of HDR (high dynamic range) and over-the-top, nail-on-the-head surrealism. Clone photos are intrinsically surreal. For me, pointing this out with overly saturated colors and a magical feel is redundant.

By dropping any sort of pretension regarding the techniques behind cloning, we're able to concentrate on something much more simple and relatable. What if we aren't looking at something surreal, per say? What if what we are literally catching a glimpse into someone's psyche? What if we are now able to see the moment WITHIN the moment? The ticker tape of a subject's sub-conscience. By eliminating the notion of the "surreal", these clone photos transform into something much more tangible and thusly the subjects' inner lives become much more real.